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Allergy Season Life Savers

Allergy Season Life Savers

Snotty faces. Raw noses. Dry red and sometimes bloody patches behind the knees, back and everywhere in between. It’s tough being a baby with allergies and scary/frustrating as a mom when you see these ailments affect your child and have the urgent need to find solutions to keep all in check (if not at bay). Here are go-tos (at the direction of my doctor) which help my LO combat the dreadful repercussions of allergies.


  • Morning and night I massage him with healing ointment and sometimes layer it up with a moisturizing cream. When his skin gets really bad, I apply a prescription hydrocortisone cream before ointment and right before I put him in his Babyrabbit PJs (to avoid him touching it with his fingers / getting it in his mouth).  

  • I typically shower him every other day (he is in daycare… and it gets pretty germy), but during high allergy seasons, I extend it to 2 days. I use Bamboobebe TokTok Face Towel (made of 100% Bamboo Rayon on both sides for ultimate comfort and absorption) and Bamboobebe Signature Bath Towels (made with the optimized blended ratio of 70% bamboo rayon and 30% cotton). I use both to soap his body, dry him off and to wipe the boogers from his nose/face.  


**All Bamboobebe products are tested to ensure no irritation for sensitive skin and are certified the strictest class of Oeko-Tex standard 100, ensuring products are free from harmful substances and are rigorously tested for pollutants and chemicals at every stage of production** 


  • Babyrabbit has my all time favorite pajamas for my LO since they are 96% cotton and 4% spandex to give him the softest coverage for his eczema. They are just light enough to keep him from getting sweaty but just cozy enough to keep him warm! 

Thankfully all of these eczema/allergy essentials are available on zezebaebae!