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Setting Your Husband Up for Success w/LOs

Setting Your Husband Up for Success w/LOs


For all you mamas (and dadas) w/LOs, you know when one parent has a night out, meal & bedtime can be daunting for those at-home. So thought I’d share what I am doing today to set my husband up for success when it comes to my 18-month-old (see below… he’s cute … but can be quite the devil!). 

Setting out PJs – Does this happen to anyone else? Whenever my husband puts my LO to bed, I find him in the morning with the same outfit as the day before (jeans included!). So, I thought I’d nip it in the bud this time by laying out PJs along the crib railing. One of my new faves is by BabyRabbit ($29) – they are super soft. My LO has a serious case of eczema (especially behind the knees) and I find these are less irritating than other PJs we’ve tried. Also, my house gets really cold at night so I sometimes put him in this: BabyRabbit TeddyBear Vest ($30). The vest is super cozy and gives his feet the freedom they need.

Meal Prep – If I don’t do this, my LO is going to be eating 1 of 2 things for dinner. Cheerios… or leftover Spareribs (the ribs are okay, but I would like to get something healthier in there). Before heading out for the night, cut up some cooked veggies, fresh fruit, cheese and some crackers, and place them separately into this suctioned, 5-compartment dish ($18.99). My LO hates when food touches. I left one compartment open for those leftover ribs (or whatever else my husband might be eating for himself). I also love that this suctions to our countertop . My LO will throw plates of food as if he is throwing a touchdown at the end of a tied game, and yes, he does a little touchdown dance too. Thankfully this puts an end to his career in food-ball. But if I skip this step, I guarantee he will be eating straight from the counter and I will come home to a nice big countertop mess.

Love my husband, but like all of us, it takes a village plus some essentials to help ease the pain of being outnumbered by the kiddos (we have a 5-year-old too). Luckily, these lifesavers can be found easily on . zezebaebae (prep services not included).